A downloadable game for macOS

Challenging Multiplayer 3D Demolition Derby Action Game!

Crash-n-Smash your way to victory in this fast paced realistic multiplayer online demolition derby winner take all motor sport contest to the death!

Or just sit back and watch 5 drivers bang it up with each other using our sophisticated artificial intelligence logic in autoplay mode.

Supports Xbox 360, Logitech, and many more gamepad controllers as well as touchpad, mouse, and keypad controls.

Plays great on MacBook Pro too!

Multiplayer Online with No Subscription Fees • Real audio sounds • Vehicle explosions • 5 extreme levels of play • Autoplay demolition derby mode • Sophisticated artificial intelligence • Fully functional rear-view mirror • Forward and reverse directions • Real-world physics action • Multiple camera positions • Quadratic steering assist • 5 levels of difficulty • And more!


Demolition-Derby-Lite.zip 54 MB